I found this in a journal today from January 9/09. Strange to reread your past thoughts and positions..it all seems so silly….


I once wrote this extremely harsh explicative to a incessant suitor in a text message. One word – scram. Scram with a period. Thinking back, it makes me both cringe and smile. At the time, I laughed to myself because I thought it was a pretty funny word to use, and I guess it still is, but in hindsight it was a damn rude delivery of a fairly simple message – leave me alone. Just go away.

I often oscillate back and forth between being too nice and being too rude. The scorpio that I am, I have a pretty high tolerance for bullshit, my pain-in-the-arse threshold is pretty high, but man oh man, once you cross that line – sting. I hate this about myself. My personal efforts to improve my personality are mostly centered on trying to operate on a more even keel, having fewer and fewer things that I will allow to set me off.

I’m mellowing in my old age, but you know, sometimes people just need to be told. My “scram” recipient is a case in point. Ah well…