Day 1 @ SeaWords.

Erika showed us an object and told us to write something about it. My lunchtime musings are as follows:

She kept the inconspicuous brown box on her kitchen shelf next to a fancy Cadbury lady finger tin that was too nice to throw in the bin. That tiny box that housed the razor blade was a good reminder to have around. Evidence of lessons learned and kind of like an old notebook from chemistry class you hoped to God you never have to look at it again.

Gilette. She wondered how often she read that word. It was part of the scenery of the paraphernalia and as innocuous as the Push/Pull sign on a doorway you pass through day after day. But reading that word meant she was exactly where she shouldn’t be. Tracing a familiar pattern down the wrong path. Gilette. Hello there, Gillette. Nice to see you again, as much as it isn’t.

The lid stays closed on the box. There’s a big difference between reminders and temptation.