My friend Shane, a warm and loving young gentleman I met almost 2 years ago while traveling in Byron Bay, Australia, has found his way to this hemisphere and is continuing his journey in a big, old van across this Northern land. He phoned me last weekend and said, “Hey Cynth, my friend Charlotte and I are in Moncton, we’re gonna swing by PEI tomorrow. You gonna be around?” Hells yes. He’d been living in Alberta for over a year now, and was talking about making a trek East, but you know, lots of people do lots of talking. I wasn’t sure if he’d actually make it. After all, it’s a long, long way. But there he was, on the other side of the bridge, fulfilling his promise. I love people who do what they say they’re gonna do.

Byron Bay was a real magical kind of place, and people making a stop there have a tendency to have less guards around their hearts, so during our shared time and space in that place, we’d exchanged a number of meaningful, thoughtful ideas that let me know he was on the level. Love, and the idea of living it, isn’t foreign to Shane, and considering that along his cross Canada travels he’d made a stop in Scarborough to get initiated by my Reiki Master I’d told him about oh so long ago, is further evidence of his commitment to the cause.

Their showing up at my parent’s place on PEI was such perfect timing. I had a car rented and was all ready to make the solo journey to Upper Canada with my meager belongings to start the next chapter, but after reading my horoscope that told me I would come up with a creative plan to help move me to the next phase, it dawned on me that instead of hauling two vehicles, we should team up. “Hey, dude, we’re both going west. You have a van. You can carry my stuff, I can fund the journey, and we’ll all benefit. Yeah? You down?” Yep. So we packed up the 1983 Dodge Ram Van he’d bought for $1500 bucks after a ‘coincidental’ meeting in Kelowna, and away we went.

By all accounts this machine should not have been purring like a kitten, but man oh man, there must be a force field of positivity around the thing because not only was it amazing on gas, nothing seems to ever go wrong with it (knock wood).

Shane’s been doing some interesting reading/thinking, “The Mayan Code”, “The Purposeful Universe” and such, thoughts not far from my frequency, so just like back in the day in Byron, we shared some provocative conversation surrounding themes of attachment, detachment, perception, Love and consciousness.

“All you are is consciousness./It’s about how you perceive yourself./Thoughts have the power to change matter./Everything we see is delusion./We look for patterns, but we don’t look for change./Stop looking./Every single problem in this world can be solved by Love (I say with a capital “L”)./You don’t need someone to tell you how to do things, you already know what you need./Just give love and compassion to others./Why is it so hard to just be nice?/It’s funny that we look at people like the Dalai Lama, and ‘worship’ him without the realization that we could also be the Dalai Lama. It’s in our choices for ourselves. We are constantly looking outward instead of turning in. Knowing what you want on the inside is what matters.”  Small snippits from our meandering trail of thoughts…

I don’t think anything is accidental in this world. And I don’t believe that my meeting with Shane and Charlotte, the timing of it and the energy we shared is at all insignificant. They’ve carried on, heading all the way west to settle down in the mountains of Fernie, BC, and I’m here, back in my old neighbourhood in Toronto, eager to shift onto the next challenge. These are our prospective plans anyhow, and I have no idea what will indeed happen with either party, but I think the only thing that really matters is I have absolutely NO attachment to the outcome. I’m along for the ride, just like in the big, old painted van, and the only thing that I can gather really makes any kind of difference is the awareness that no matter how we go forth, the important thing is that we do so with peace and love in our hearts. Shine on, my beautiful friends; I look forward to the next encounter.